Cloud Accounting Software

For retail, wholesale, manufacturing and construction companies


Manage everything in one place

Work on through Balance: send and receive waybills with a single click, minimizemanual mistakes with informative reports and reduce time spent at everyday routine

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Warehouse Management

Manage your supplies by warehouse, control spendings and remains, keeptrack of product shelflife and manage movements between warehouses with real-time reporting

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Know the exact cost of the product – see the raw materials used in productionand manage leftovers, allocate employee salaries and other overhead coststo see what it took to produce a single unit

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You can manage purchases and control costs: include import tax and other additional costs incalculating initial cost of your product and maintain the profit margin that is best for your business

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Manage your store in a single system: connect cash register, bank terminal, printer and scale to Balance. Make your processes consistent: create various payment terms to better serve your customers and increase chances of getting paid

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Calculate salaries accurately: Balance supports registering different types of salaries, remunerations and deductions. You can evenyou’re your employees according to the number of goods they produce or sell.  

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Fully control your Property, Plant, and Equipment – Balance automatically calculates depreciation costs and makes all the necessary records. Keep an eyen on them and always know the value of your physical assets in real time

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Get your cashflow report with a single click. Balance gives you a full view of your financial situation in real time and helps you make informed decisions. Plus, it simplifies the way you work with internet banks

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Why Poeple love Balance

"We provide accounting service. Balance allows us to serve clients much faster, prepare all the reports within the program and provide real-time tracking of their company's financial situation on a daily basis." - Dimitri Basilashvili

"Balance simplifies our processes and makes them flexible: it saves us a lot of time and energy and lets us focus on attracting new partners, increase sales and improve our services" - Nino Gamkrelidze

"Automation our processes with Balance allowed us to see the whole business in a single system. Now we know the real costs of our projects, optimize procurements, determine optimal margins and never have to deal with legislative sanctions" - Tengiz Khechikashvili

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