How to increase sales in the supermarket

ბიზნესის გზამკვლევი
26 მაისი,2020

How to increase sales in the supermarket

You can call it strategy, neuro-marketing, hypnosis or… whatever. Seems like, retailers got 10 tricks that drive us – customers, to buy more than we intended to.

If you are a shop owner, this blog is for you and if not ... I think it might be even more useful to you:


1) Love is in the air

Retailers decided to split the products into pairs. Are you buying a beer? Look back, there’re some chips’ shelves. Shortly, It’s much profitable to put together products that are matching each other. When costumers buy sausage, there’s a big chance they gonna get a mustard too.


2) It all starts with eye contact

Manufacturers pay some additional costs to supermarkets, for putting their products at the height of our vision. Seems like that’s the best location in the shop – when costumers see the products without even looking up for them. However, you think that the bottom shelves are in vain? No. there some goods for children.


3) Far far away

We already know about chips and beer relationship, but there are some products, that will be bought without pushing - bread, milk, tea, shortly some everyday food. Because of this, retailers decide to disperse this kind of products. After we’ve bought bread on our way to milk, we’ll meet al lot of unnecessary products, so at the and of our supermarket journey there will be some bread and milk in our basket and marshmallows and maybe even duck for the thanksgiving celebration after two month.


4) surprise

First, we are offered to open a beautiful free gift card, and then, one day the cashier says – congratulations! You got 99 points on your card! If you take one more shampoo, you’ll get the pack of…whatever. What u gonna do? Of course you’ll take one more shampoo.


5) think twice

Same here. 2+2 is not hard to count, but when they give you 50% discount on 8.78$ soap, but only if you take two packs, you may be kind of lazy to do all this mathematics and just say: "Hmmm Wonderful offer”. In fact, you only get 25% discount and have bought twice as much as you intended to.


6) Let the music play

Have you ever noticed that, in the supermarkets there is mostly relaxing music on, that makes you move slowly, like having a walk through the shelves, allowing you to observe more products?


7) hunger games


Imagine smell of fresh baked bread in the very heart of the supermarket? You’ll, definitely take one, or two. But that’s just a beginning, this fresh baked crunchy bread is so good with pickles of butter, cheese and bacon… oh yes, you gonna get them too. Behavioral phycology says, that the food aroma is one of the triggers of hunger. I think retailers have heard about it a long time ago.


8) eyes, sometimes they lie

The managers of one of the most famous supermarket company decided to double the size of carts. Nothing else ... They didn't change the color, they didn't set carts on autopilot, no. They just doubled the size. As a result, sales increased up to 19%. That’s because customers thought their carts were not full enough.


9) don’t judge a book by its cover

The same is about carrot. A nicely wrapped 4 pounds of carrots is about twice more expensive than the same 4 pounds of carrots, but without the packing! (Putting a dot here meant I’m okay with this fact, but I’m not!)


10) ...

Staying in the cashier queue would be as pointless as those three headline points. What I mean is that, supermarket managers have already thought about it and put thousands of trinkets at the cash. to keep us engaged, then to pick those trinkets up, have a look, review them carefully and looks like it’s our turn to pay, oh and we’ve got 3 extra chocolate, chewing gumand a pack of some new jellybean.

So, if you’re a shop owner take a look of your place, maybe you’ll find that some products need to be rearranged. If you aren’t going to open a store, now you know how to protect yourself from the retailers’ tricks.

Happy shopping to everybody!