Balance for Fresh Culinair

30 ივნისი,2021

Balance for Fresh Culinair


We've been cooperating with Fresh Culinair for a year now. It's a healthiest grocery store in Georgia an we ar proud to admit that Fresh Culianair registers the whole shop, warehouse and production in Balance Software.


ვაჭრობის პროგრამა  - ბალანსი


How do you use Balance?


Vakho Labadze
„Fresh Culinair“ manager


"Balance is the backbone of our bussiness. This software got all the features, I need in everyday managment. We have both: wholesale and retail trade and we use Balance to register the whole processec in our shop, as well as in warehouse. We are also planning to open a restaurant soon and we'll use balance there, of caurse.


Along with the everyday operational part, balance is also our accounting program. It’s very easy and timesaving for an accountant to work in Balance, because every sale made in the store automatically appears in the accounting, immediately“



How do you use balance in warehouse?



"Our supply process looks like this: first, products are placed in the warehouse, and after they go to shop. The registration of this process is also simplified in Balance: the remains are tied from the warehouse to the store, and then what is sold is automatically written off from the warehouse stock” 



მაღაზიის პროგრამა - ბალანსი



How does balance help the cashier?


"Sometimes I myself do some cashier job and balance makes its very easy for me to record sales. Balance is connected to the post terminal and automatically prints the check. It also synchronizes with the Revenue Service and with just a click I can upload info to, without filling out and writing additional paperwork. This saves me a lot of time.


We got a modern multifunctional scale in the store. The scale is also integrated with Balance and the program automatically provides information about products and prices – just a few buttons click and all the nomenclature that we have in the Balance is loaded on scale.



საბუღალტრო პროგრამა


I’d like to mention another feature, which is the function of the warehouse, but we can call it a cashier's assistant - if you do not have a remains in the warehouse or store at the moment, the program won’t allow you to complete sale. That way, we do not mislead the consumer or harm the business - we don’t sell what we do not actually have."


As a store manager, what do you like about Balance the most?


I Found Balance very easy and practical to work with. I check the warehouse remains regularly with reports, I watch in live mode the trade process, see the profit, loss, etc. It also simplifies sales registration at cashiers, which is very comfortable for our customers too - when you do the handling quickly.


Also, I know that Balance Software is reliable business partner, which is constantlygrowing an developing. For example, I have information that a user interface is planned to be added into the POS soon and I am very much looking forward to that. "


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