Domino Pizza’s finance accounting with Balance Software

10 აგვისტო,2021

Domino Pizza’s finance accounting with Balance Software

We have been cooperating with Domino Pizza for 2 years already. The company calculates all the production process in restaurants, as well as finances and accounting In Balance software.


Irine Mekerishvili

CFO, Domino's Pizza:


"We receive information from each restaurant, on a daily basis, which allows us to see the full picture - how many products were produced per day, what was their cost, amount of sales and revenue."


Balance software for Domino's pizza


You have probably tasted domino pizza at least once. In addition to pizza, restaurants produce different types of food with different recipes. Each recipe is defined in Balance for each product.


Thus, the consumption of materials used in production is reflected in the warehouses: after the production of the certain food – like chocolate muffin or peperoni pizza, the material written in the recipe of this product is automatically written off from the warehouse with the appropriate quantities.


Also, the product preparade with production process, is added in the warehouse stock.


Balance software for dominos pizza


Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Accounting, and Finance are all integrated into one system. Accordingly, daily activities are reflected in accounting in parallel. And it does not require the exchange of information through different types of integrations or Excel files, which ultimately saves a lot of time and minimizes the number of human errors.


In addition, the balance sheet has up to 200 managerial and financial reports, enabling up-to-date information on purchases, production, sales, warehousing and finances to be available in live mode, with just one click.


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