Accounting Development Program

What’s the program about and why we decided to be part of it

Accounting Development Program

What’s the program about and why we decided to be part of it

Partnership with BOG

We've got some exciting news! Balance become a partner of BOG "Accounting Development Program". That's because one of the project main goals – accounting digitization is Balance main idea, as well. We think, that with the partnership and cooperation with BOG, we’ll bring our ideas to customers even faster and help them digitize their business.

At the same time, the project member companies, which are Balance and BOG customers at the same time, will simplify communication with bank and grow bussiness faster.

Accounting digitalization with Balance

Accounting digitization means that company’s finances and everyday operations are processed with the present-day solutions. Such softwares provide the integration possibility with banks and numbers of modern online platforms, which ultimately saves the user's time and energy, as well as reduces routine work and errors while information exchange.

Complete accounting service

Nowadays, a number of businesses use accounting outsourcing model and entrust finances to specialized companies. BOG “Accounting development program” have partners within accounting outsourcing companies as well - for example, "Ants" are offering a complete accounting service provieded according to modern financial standards, which simplifies business relations with the bank.

Financial information exchange with the bank through software

Bank processes loan application is processed in the shortest time possible; credit limit is extended, and business is able to manage it much more easily. Finally it’s easier for bank to offer products tailored to business.


Our special offer

Project participants will have a special offer from Balance too:

The monthly price of Enterprise cloud license will be 59 GEL instead of 79 GEL during the first year.

Also, you’ll get a discount on Balance onboarding service: the daily rate will be 500 GEL instead of 760 GEL and on you’ll the 20% sale on Balance training: 280 GEL instead of 350 GEL.


For participation, fill out the application form.