Furniture store program

Manufacturing according the orders, waste accounting and store automation

Furniture store program

Manufacturing according the orders, waste accounting and store automation

Warehouses in a live mode

You can use balance as a warehouse program adn control supplies in real-time Track the balances: the negative and minimum remains. Keep eye on movement of materials and finished products between your warehouses.

Manufacturing with kits

All the details are important to consider while making a furniture. Create a parts plan for each final product - materials listed in the plan will automatically discharged from the warehouse upon release, and their values will be involved in the cost as well

Don't miss any residual materials

You can accurately describe the waste generated during furniture production, programmatically track deviations from the established plan of materials and adjust accordingly to actual spending

If you import materials

If you’re using some imported materials in production, you can offset the import expenses on those materials’ cost and eventually get the real price - taking into account the transportation and all the additional costs

Control of orders and enrollments

keep track of loyal customers and their orders. Manage sales by the orders and track customer debts. So, have get whole view of sales process

Flexible pricing and price control

You can set several prices for the same product for different customers, even in different currencies, set up automatic discounts on products at certain dates and compare the differences between old and current prices

Store automation

If you’re a store owner, you’ll manage all electronic devices in a single system - a terminal, a scanner, a cash register, for running a fast sales process. The cashiers will also see the warehouse balances on their dashboard

Full picture of company activities in reports

Report show you how the cost of your product is shaped by material costs, utility costs, and employee salaries.

Reports also track customer debts, purchase and spend of materials, sales and profit

"In Balance, it is possible to put together standard operations and easily process in Excel - therefore manual labor is much less and more free time"

Zura Nikabadze, Financial Manager