Accounting software

Get the full integration with, minimize routine
and complete tax bills in 1 hour

Accounting software

Get the full integration with, minimize routine
and complete tax bills in 1 hour

Seamless integration with

Work that is done in the program, will be simultaneously reflected on upload & download invoices and waybills with a single click and create relevant transactions in 2 seconds.


Once you match the product names between received waybills from providers and the program, Balance will automatically spread it to other purchases.


With the reports you can check the work done - Balance will show mismatches between waybills in your database and on the tax portal.

Declaration in 1 hour

You have reports with ready-made information to complete tax bills:


For VAT declaration:

  • Accrued VAT - you can see which turnover is taxable and which is not, in a separate column it will show you the VAT accrued on taxable turnover
  • VAT analysis - you can see how much VAT you can calculate, on which invoices and on which operations you have not received invoices


For income declaration:

  • Appendix "A" is already ready, which is automatically filled according to the transactions made in the program and only needs to be uploaded on with an Excel file
  • Pension Declaration - Report of employees involved in the pension scheme and their pension accruals, in the same form as


For the declaration of property tax:

  • Balance Sheet - where the carrying amount of fixed assets is given at the beginning and end of the exploitation period. The fixed assets are grouped according to the tax bill categories and the whole data is ready to be sbmitted in the bill form

Automation that you control

In Balance you can control the debit & credit of each transaction. There’s a button on each document, which gets you to the transaction journal. It is also possible to edit account codes in each document manually.


In addition, you can reach the transaction journal from accounting or managerial report - simply by selecting the desired document.

Automatically generated financial statements

The program automatically generates Profit and Loss, CashFlow and Balance Sheets. In addition, you have more than 90 comprehensive reports for analyzing all aspects of the company's operations.


You can also customize any specific report you might need, on you own.

Cloud Accounting

Balance works on Cloud - that is, you open the database and work in the program from any computer, you only need the Internet.

However, if you are not interested in the cloud accountingyet, we have a local - so-called on premis version, as well

Multiple transactions in a single click

Working in Balance means less routine work - it can combine several transactions into one operation. For example, you can use 1 click to create, sell, and write off the depreciation when selling a asset.

Database restore and data upload

If the company needs to upload old information, Balance will make things easier for you:


1) By using Balance will automatically generate transactions for all old sales and purchases, according to issued and received invoices on tax portal.

2) If you have old data in Excel, you will simply make it compatible to Balance forms, load it with one click and create a new database with all your information already in it.

Always keeping the pace with the legislative changes  

All the changes in tax legislation are reflected in Balance. We have already prepared a report of mandatory financial statement for 3rd category companies. We also updated Appendix "A" for income declaration.


At the same time, we are working on reflecting the legislative changes about VAT tax, which will come into force in 2021.

Online Support chat

Support chat is built into the software - our team is always online. You get answers to questions without leaving the program, any additional calls and waiting forever.