Finacial Reporting

All desired management and financial reports with one click

Finacial Reporting

All desired management and financial reports with one click

Mini ERP System Reporting

Balance provides you all the financial statements and detailed daily activity reports:


  • All reports can be generated with a click for any period of time
  • All reports are available in both English and Russian
  • Reports are available on Claude - anywhere on Eart

In addition to ready-made reports, you can create a new report your own and hilight the data that is important to you

Do you have foreign managers?

Balance has English and Russian-language interface, which means foreign managers can also work in the program. Thus, it is possible to prepare any report and send it directly from the program to the desired e-mail

Financial reports with 1 click

Balance is in line with the Georgian tax system - all statements that must be submitted to the state audit are given in exactly the form that the tax needs:

  • Profit-loss
  • cashflow
  • Balance sheet

If all the processes in the program are recorded correctly, just a single click is required to get the completed reports

Control the obligations

Balance gives you a debt report, which outlines the schedule of liabilities of all buyers - the full amount, payment dates with the corresponding amounts, already covered and the remaining liability.

Balance will turn in red the payment of all buyers who are late or not fully covered

Control your daily profit

In Balance it's possible to generate procurement and sales reports in any desired period:

  • Procurement dynamics on a daily basis and daily earnings analysis
  • Price control report (according to received invoices)
  • Distribution of imports and additional costs on purchased products
  • Supplier liability comparing document 
  • Analysis of purchased VAT

Unified view of the warehouse

Balance has a full warehouse module that allows you to control the product replenishment, relocation, spending-selling and write-off of  in each warehouse on a daily basis:

  • evaluation of warehouse
  • amount of goods per warehouse
  • Orders and reports of stock movement
  • Control of negative amounts
  • Minimal amount Report
  • Prime cost of goods by series

Count the exact costs

while recording the construction and production processes, it is possible to determine the material plan or recipes and take into account all the additional costs, as a result you get the exact cost for all stages of production and construction.

Ready-made reports are already in Balance:

  • Analysis of cost of produced products
  • Analysis of production costs
  • Evaluation by goods
  • Plan-fact analysis for construction
  • Distribution of additional costs on manufactured products

Declaration in 1 hour

We have created reports in the balance that provides ready-made information for declaration:

  • For VAT Declaration - VAT Analysis and VAT Analysis
  • For income declaration - updated Appendix "A" and Pension declaration
  • For the declaration of property tax - the fixed assets statement, where fixed assets are grouped according to the categories in the declaration
  • The form of mandatory financial statements for SMEs is also ready-made.