Accounting and Special finacial reporting for SMEs


Accounting and Special finacial reporting for SMEs

What is Balance?

Balance is an accounting program on a cloud. Which combines: accounting, production, warehouse management and store/cashier module in one system

The 4th category enterprises in Balance will be able to:

  • Detection of discrepancies in reporting arrangements
  • Indicate the filling formula in each reporting box
  • Decryption according to the formula for the result obtained in each box of the report and reaching the original documentas a result of the decryption
  • Changing the rule for filling in the reporting drawer
  • After making an audit, making of corrective actions indicating the period
  • To publish accounting reports with or without corrective handling, or only to view the auditor's handling

The reports of the 3rd category enterprises will also be completed on September 24

Relevant formulas are attached to the reports:

The 3rd and 4th category reports are accompanied by all relevant category formulas for making accurate financial statements. For example: the cost of goods sold in the profit and loss statement of the 4th category is calculated by the following formula:


RPT = Start-up supplies + Procurement of supplies + Recycling costs - final supplies

Reflection of corrective transactions

The financial statements of the 3rd and 4th categories of the balance sheet also provide for the identification of corrective transactions recorded in the accounting records


If corrective actions have been taken prior to the submission of the financial statements, it will be possible to identify and view those transactions in the program by rotating the program and other accounting reports



This functionality will allow you to correct, and delete entries that are incorrectly executed