Construction accounting

Accounting for planned construction and control of deviation 

Construction accounting

Accounting for planned construction and control of deviation 

Control the prices

Compare the previous and current prices of the product during the procurement process. Set different payment terms for each supplier - different prices, currency or payment schedule

Make optimal purchases

Register buyer's order and make supplies accordingly. Distribute the import expenses and get the exact cost of product materials


Distribute reserves in your warehouses, set responsible persons and control the internal relocation and consumption of goods

Keep an eye on construction plan

Create building plan of materials from each warehouse, materials will be automatically written off after being used on construction. If the material spending will be different from the actual plan, you’ll see it in the reports and adjust the new plan according to the actual data

Ger the exact cost of the construction

Program counts all additional construction costs and gets them together in the document of final building. Also, prior to the construction process, you can set the estimated overhead costs and additional costs and distribute them in construction budget

Determine the exact salaries

In each building document, you specify the construction staff. Program will automatically calculate these people's salaries in accordance with the time spent on construction or work performed

Real Price of apartments

After construction, program will automatically calculate the cost of each apartment according to its area. In addition, you can set different prices for the same area apartments according on their floor number, sight, or other details

Complete construction process in reports

Balance is not just an accounting program, we've got complete managerial and financial reports, where you can see the whole construction process - from the buyer's order to the finished apartments, get a report of the cost formation of completed facilities, stock spending and construction plan deviation analytics. 

"We see the whole business in a Balanced system, we know the real cost of projects, so we can plan purchases and construction processes as profitably as possible" 


Tengiz Khechikashvili, Director


"Communication between the construction project and accounting has become much more flexible... as well as, with a sigle report we can cheeck what is left at constructin place and what's in the warehouse" 


Gia Kereselidze, CFO

York Towers