Food store accounting 

Production and sale of food  in a unified system

Food store accounting 

Production and sale of food  in a unified system

Full inventory and warehouse control

Create as many warehouses as you actually have, control the movement of products between warehouses, set and control expiration dates according to purchased parties. Materials sold and consumed during production are automatically written off from the warehouses

The exact cost of the final product

Get the each product cost according to materials used for. for example, 1 loaf of bread production costs will include the expenses of the materials, the baker's salary, utilities and other overhead costs

Set up the sales process, as you actually have

Let's say you make a cakes and sell them by pieces, or maybe you bake biscuits and sell them in Packaging. You can set all kind of sales process in Balance, as they actually are: cut the cake programmatically and sell them separately. The program will automatically set the cost of both the pieces and the packaging

Flexible pricing and checkout

You can set different prices for each product. For example, you can sell food for standard price till 6PM, and after set a discount and fix it in program.


Also, manage customer relationship processes: track orders and their record delivery status, track customer payments and debts, manage gift and loyalty cards  and offer special prices or discounts to VIP costumers

Balance integrates with all devices in your store:

  • scales
  • barcode scanner
  • cash register
  • bank terminal

That’s why, the probability of human errors decreases to minumum

"Everyday we receive information from each restaurant, which allows us to see the full picture - how many products were produced in a day, what was their cost, amount of sales and revenue."


Irine Mekerishvili, CFO

Domino's Pizza

"Balance helos us to control our products, both in our warehouse and at customers' facilities"


Tamaz Megrelishvili, founder

Julius meinl

"with Balance We've built a unified system in the store: synchronized operating and accounting part, simplified information exchange, accurate cost accounting and minimal losses" 


Kote Revia, Director