Program for Building 

Materials Store

Store, warehouse and accounting in a single system

Program for Building 

Materials Store

Store, warehouse and accounting in a single system

control the supplies

  • Create as many warehouses as you actually have.
  • Set the Responsible person for each warehouse and control the relocation of goods
  • Specify the minimum amount of the supplies -program will let you know when it’s time to make an order
  • Program users will see the remains of the warehouses in a live mode. Plus, program gives you automatic control over negative amount of supplies - meaning that orders or sales cannot be made on products that are already expired

Store automation

If you got building material retail store, yoy can integrate program with all the trading devices: the scales, cash register, barcode scanner and the bank Terminal. The cashiers seewarehouse balances in live mode: as a result, they work faster and the number of errors in the sales process is minimized

If you offer service too

If you sell services along with products, you can count these of them together. For example, if you sell a door and it is installed by your craftsman, you can count them in a single document: the craftsman salary, the door and its various parts, so the program will get you the real cost of the whole service provided

Compilation of materials

In the Balance you can programmatically compose the product: write down all the necessary details for the finished door in a single document:  wood material, handle and anchors. Balance will calculate the all costs together and when selling the door all used materials will be automatically written off from the warehouse

You are flexible in pricing as well

You can:

  • Set different prices for different customers and for different periods, for example seasonally
  • Set discounts - for holidays or certain period
  • Conduct operations in different currencies if case of import and export

You know the exact cost of the product and control the margin

If import construction materials, you’ll be able to count all the import and other additional expenses in the product  cost. This allows you to know what’s the real price of each product and control the margins

"With Balance we can get reports in our head office in Tbilisi and see what is sold during the day in the Kutaisi, or how much reserves do we have in the Zugdidi – that means we have the control of all of our hypermarkets and warehouses just without leaving the office”


Jaba Futkaradze, CEO

ზოდი • Zodi