Software for Online Shopping

Get a unified system and say goodbye to supplies related problems

Software for Online Shopping

Get a unified system and say goodbye to supplies related problems

Make a switch on Cloud

Balance is the only Georgian cloud-based accounting program which gives you access to your database from anywhere though the Internet

Integrate your store processes and accounting

You can integrate an online store with the balance. After that, you will no longer need to load the store data manually or using Excel in the accounting program. All transactions made in the online store - orders, sales, refunds, payments – will be automatically reflected in the accounting software

მიიღე მზა ინტეგრაცია

არ დაგჭირდება ინტეგრაციის ნულიდან აწყობა, ბალანსში უკვე გვაქვს e-commerce პლატფორმებთან ინტეგრცაიის მზა პროტოკოლი, რომლის დსხმარებითაც მაღაზიას და ბალანსს მინიმალურ დროში დააკავშირებ.

დოკუმენტი ქართულ და ინგლისურ ენებზე შეგიძლია ნახო აქ.

Engage all the employees

You can invite all employees in Balance system - accountant, store administrator, delivery service staff, warehouse manager and co-owners. Each will be given its own role and you can also assign the rights and data access appropriate to their work position

If you sell your own products

Let's say you sell products made by you - food, handicrafts, etc. In Balance you will be able to write a plan of consumables for each of them. When you finish the product, the program will automatically write off the materials from warehouse.


Balance will also calculate the production expenses and give the exact cost of the product - summarizing the material prices, the salary of the product creator and some additional electricity or other costs

Do you have a warehouse?

If the answer is yes, you will also have a complete warehouse module in Balance, fully synchronized with the store. Online sold goods will be automatically written off. You can also record products by series, color, size, weight or other details, and check products with them in reports

Manage prices and Set discounts

All the price changes that you make in Balance will be automatically reflected in the online store. Also, you can set discounts for a certain period of time in advance, during those days the program will automatically distribute the discount in the store.


Discounts can be offered to loyal customers, as well as gift vouchers, accumulation cards and whatever makes you happy

Do you need delivery service?

In Balance you can count the price of the product and delivery service together. Then, see in the reports which employee provided delivery services, how much of them and therefore calculate the pay.


If you hire a delivery company, Balances will count their fee in overhead expenses and distribute in the product prime cost

Get sales reports daily

It is true that you will get sales figures in the online store, but Balance will use these numbers and generate advanced business reports - in sales, warehouse, production, etc. Also, you will have all the necessary reports for declaration and automatic financial statements.


You can even create the desired management report your own, in the program