Balance for Julius Meinl

14 July,2021

Balance for Julius Meinl

We have been cooperating with Julius Meinl for about a year now. Julius Meinl is an Austrian brand that has been offering premium quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate to its customers for about 160 years.

Balance was introduced in the company in the spring of 2020 and now, a year later, we are proudly talking about our cooperation.


Tamaz Megrelishvili
Founder of Julius Meinl:


We represent "Julius Mainl" brand in Georgia. We started importing products in 2010 and today we serve a number of large offices, hotels or various establishments in the Horeca segment. Our products are represented in 75 countries around the world


 Balance Accounting Software


How do you use balance?


I liked this program from the beginning and often talked to my colleagues about Balance.Finally, we decided to switch to the balance and for a year now, our company has been recording  and controlling the whole business process with Balance: starting with import, continuing with sales, aquipment placement, rotation, customer supply services and completing with financial accounting and reporting.


Balance is a mini ERP system, which means that all the modules needed for business accounting are combined in one program.


Tamaz Megrelishvili:


Balance helps us to record all our processes very quickly and, most importantly, correctly, both in our warehouse and at our customers’ places. for this, we have introduced a new phase, through which we control our coffee machines by serial numbers at our customers' cafes, bars or offices. As for finances accounting, everything was sorted and regulated with Balance.

I should also mention that we regularly send joint financial reports to our partners abroad. For this, we use the financial reports from Balance, which we collect and consolidate.

 Balance for warehouse


As a company founder, what would you say about balance?


Balance helped me save a lot of time. For example, when I needed a financial report, I depended fully on our accountant to prepare and submit it for me. However, today I can get any report in Balance – just with one click. The same can be said for sales reports, stocks, etc.  


Balance has a complete reporting system - both in the operational and financial part. Reports are already ready in the program. The user only needs to select the desired module, filter the period - say the last month, and click once on the "Generate" button.



You can test the free 1c Balance on our site - After registration, go to your profile and add a demo database of the desired field.

Or just, call - 596 105 890